Windows RT 8.1 update bricks Surfaces

Update is temporarily frozen while while Microsoft does a bit of housekeeping
Windows 8 RT 8.1

If you're one of the few with a Microsoft Surface RT device, you might have noticed the Windows 8.1 update seems to be 'missing' from the store, be thankful. Seems a number of people have had the unfortunate luck of "bricking" their devices after the update.

Surface RT update drama

Fortunately if you're one of the users affected, Surface RT owner Scott Williams has a neat step-by-step tutorial on his blog. All you need apparently is a thumb drive and another computer that runs Windows XP and above (or Linux even) that can format the thumbdrive to FAT32 and extract the zip files.

While we've said before to hold off on updating to Windows 8.1 if you're unsure if it won't brick your machine, it's a pity that the RT update isn't even guaranteed to run on a system as locked-down as the Surface RT is.

After all, the Surface RT can't install programs from sources outside the Windows Store, unless you hack it which is nowhere as easy as jailbreaking your standard iPad is, for instance. Looks like it's just another reason not to get all gung-ho about updating to Windows 8.1, especially if Windows 8 is running just fine for you.

[Source: ArsTechnica]