Windows Phone gets a proper video-editing app thanks to Microsoft

Video Tuner is not quite Windows Movie Maker or iMovie but it'll do for most casual users
Windows Phone gets a proper video-editing app thanks to Microsoft

While Apple has its iMovie app for quick edits and a plethora of third-party apps to choose from, Windows Phone still lags behind on the video app forefront.

Not anymore, thanks to a new Microsoft app named Video Tuner. Slightly confusing name aside, it's a bunch of quick, simple edits to make the most out of Nokia's Lumia cameras

Still, some users might think Video Tuner is some sort of application to receive video streams or tweak streams as opposed to a video editing app. Fortunately, Microsoft details the apps functionality rather straightforwardly in its app store: "Apply filters, add music, trim, crop, rotate, flip, mirror, change speed, adjust exposure / contrast / saturation / volume. Make your video better!"

Simple video magic

The download itself is 40MB which might mean phones with smaller internal memory might have a tougher time handling it. Why phones don't just all come with 16GB standard unfortunately is due to the still pricey cost of flash memory. But the app is debuting on Lumia phones updated to Windows Phone 8.1 so older, storage-poor devices are unlikely to see it right now anyway.

But wait, what about the Movie Moments app then? That basic tool is barebones to be honest while the Video Tuner is Microsoft's answer to Apple's iMovie. The fancy filter options and being able to do fun stuff like mirroring, flipping, basic cropping and trimming will at least make video editing more polished.

Other good tweaks include adjusting how video looks by being able to fiddle with exposure, contrast as well as saturation levels.

As to adding music, you can only add MP3 files stored on the phone so that counts out tracks from sources like Xbox Music and MixRadio. There is also an option to change the speed of video as well. Video after editing can then be shared to the usual social network channels and stored on Microsoft's OneDrive.

Video Tuner is, thankfully a free download on Windows Phone Store. And by the way, here's another list of great free Windows Phone apps.

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