Windows 9 preview confirmed this Sept 30

The preview will primarily focus on enterprise tech, so don't expect mobile announcements
Windows 9 preview confirmed this Sept 30

The invites are out and it seems Microsoft will be giving users a preview of what its next operating system update will look like. Codenamed Microsoft Threshold, there's still no word on whether the company will keep that name or just stick to calling it Windows 9.

No other details were furnished in the invite besides "Join us to hear about what's next for Windows and the enterprise."

A return to the old in the new

Windows 9 preview confirmed this Sept 30

It's uncertain whether the date will also see public betas or at the very least technical previews released for developers and the media. But a preview of the upcoming Windows Server is also being held on the same date so there is a likelihood developers might get an early peek.

While the preview is unlikely to be a full demonstration of the final release, what is most likely is that the changes reported to the OS will be unveiled. Among these would be the return of the Start menu, the removal of the Charms bar, a change to the desktop interface to move away from the mobile and tablet-ready UI of Windows 8 and perhaps the integration of Microsoft's answer to Siri, Cortana.

There has also been buzz that Microsoft is considering making Threshold a free download for current Windows 7 and 8 users to get them to upgrade. Perhaps this might finally get those still holding out on new Windows releases and still using versions like Windows XP to finally step up with the times.

As to Windows Phones and tablets running on the ARM processor, a preview of the new Windows on those devices isn't expected until early next year in 2015. For those who have bought PCs this year, prepare to mull whether you're willing to upgrade your OS next year.

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