Windows 10 gets more goodies with the Fall Creators Update

Get a taste of what's in store for you

Cortana gets an upgrade

Coming later this year, the new Microsoft update will bring a new design system that Microsoft calls the Fluent Design system that promises "expressive and engaging apps" with better cross-platform compatibility.

Microsoft promises that it's upcoming Timeline feature will show you, in a visual timeline, just where you and your apps were at particular given times. Cortana will also be tweaked to let you pick up where you left off across not just Windows but Android and iOS devices.

As part of its embracing other ecosystems, Microsoft announced new additions to its Windows Store - including, surprise, iTunes. The Store version of iTunes will also bring with it Apple Music. While you can already download iTunes for Windows, a separate version that is Windows Store -friendly is certainly a change.

Also coming to the update is Windows Story Remix: a fancy app that uses AI and Deep Learning to help you create stories from your images, allowing you a more polished and intriguing finished product that goes beyond just a fancy slideshow.

All this for the brilliant price of: free. We'll keep you updated on what else Microsoft has to offer in the coming days with the Build conference.