Wilson’s smart basketball could really up your game

Finally your buddy can stop having to remember your shots

Wilson, the famous basketball maker that brought you years and years of basketball goodness has developed a smartball, dubbed the Wilson X Connected Basketball. The Smartball may be an evolution to how the game may be played by telling you how you are shooting the ball.

The ball does not have any plug or any sockets for you to charge, it looks just like any regular basketball but fitted inside is a little tube which is slightly smaller than a AA battery and basically is the brain of the ball. Inside the tube is an accelerometer, gyroscope, a BlueTooth chip, and a battery which Wilson claims will outlast the lifetime of the ball.

All you need to do is to pair the ball with an app on your iPhone via BlueTooth and you can track your shots in multiple modes. The ball will show you statistics on your iPhone app which helps you analyze your throw, somewhat similar to having a cyber coach. Wilson claims that it is so accurate that 97 per cent of the time it can count whether you missed or made a shot.

There are a few drawbacks like you having to have to shoot at least 7 feet away from the rim. Aside from that the ball is pretty useful to tell you information that you would not know unless you had state of the art sport science equipment. The ball is priced at US$199 making it a little pricey but if you are really serious about sharpening those basketball skills, this is a 'why not' kind of purchase.

[source : TheVerge]