Will the Sony Xperia Honami superphone shoot 4K video?

Leaked presentation slides suggest serious movie-capturing smarts for Sony’s next flagship phone
Will the Sony Xperia Honami shoot 4K video?

Every smartphone needs a “killer app” to mark it out from its rivals, and if rumour is to be believed, the upcoming Sony Xperia Honami’s could be the ability to shoot video in 4K ultra HD resolution.

Leaked photos of what appear to be Sony presentation slides appeared on Chinese social network Weibo, with the 4K logo looming large on screen alongside the following: “How do you get 4K content? By shooting videos with a 4K cellphone.” The images appear to have been removed, but not before Engadget grabbed them.

4K: 4000 x 2000?

Sony Honami 4K slide

Interestingly (and perhaps dubiously) the resolution detailed in the slide is 4000 x 2000, which is not the standard 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160. But there’s also mention of a 20MP Exmor R camera for the Honami, which has more than enough pixels to capture 4K video (8MP would do). The phone is also tipped to possess Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor, which is able to handle 4K video, and we know that Sony is determined to push the 4K format in order to encourage people to buy its 4K TV sets.

Indeed, it's already introduced a number of ways to pipe 4K to your future TV set, chief among which are the PS4 and its purpose-built 4K media streamer.

So, an interesting rumour all told, and one that could just materialise into reality. Here's hoping. And here's also hoping that Sony keeps the 'Honami' codename. Given that it's the name of a tiny planet, it's somewhat more exotic than the 'i1' that's rumoured to replace it.

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