Wiggle your fingers to control your tech with Nod's Gesture Control Ring

With a tiny flick of the finger, you can control your smartphone, tablet and even Google Glass
Wiggle your fingers to control your tech with Nod's Gesture Control Ring

Wearable watch, wearable chain, and now there’s Nod Lab’s Gesture Control Ring. Everyone, chime “my precious…” because you’d want this new wearable tech that rules all tech, and it’s not Gollum’s. 

This sensor-studded ring is designed to serve as a touch-less universal controller without the need for cameras or remotes. You can, for example, control your smartphone, interact with your smart home devices and TV, or even navigate your Google Glass.

Nod Labs CEO and founder, Anush Elangovan, said the device could possibly be the next computing revolution around input.

“We looked at how we’ve progressed from plug panels and dip switches to the mouse in the PC era, and then touch in the mobile era, and we were like ‘what’s next?’ Speech has always been one part of it, but speech doesn’t work in a crowded room for example, so the next obvious one is gestures,” he said.

Then gestures it is!

Wiggle your fingers to control your tech

The waterproof ring has a built-in converter that recognises micro-gestures, such as subtle brushes, two-finger gestures, and swipes.

It’s favourable to your skin – meaning you don’t have to worry about comfort and hypoallergenic problems. The device sports a medal rim around the inside and a transmission-friendly plastic outer case. You don’t have to worry about the right fit too; it comes available in 12 sizes.

Plus, as an engagement ring, it's way more affordable than those shiny diamond accessories. You can start pre-ordering your Nod rings at US$149 from today, with shipping expected to start in September.

Unfortunately, that offer is only limited to the United States, and in a matte black colour. With it comes a charging cradle that doubles as a ring holder.

For everyone else in the rest of the world, you can either wait for the local release or charm up your contacts in the US to help you get one.

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[Source: Mashable]