Why not let the drone walk your dog?

The robots are coming to your home and they're probably going to start by doing our chores
Why not let the drone walk your dog?

What could you do with an AR drone that is more pedestrian than, say, walking the dog? Jeff Myers thought that too and put up a Vimeo which showed just how he programmed a robot to take his dog while he sat at home monitoring the route taken on his computer.

Myers' interest in industrial design has led him to put up quite a few projects up on behance but his dog walking video is probably the most appealing. In it, you can see how New York-based Myers set up the interesting scenario which could pretty much precipitate the future, if dog lovers were in charge.

Just another walk in the park

The setup is fairly simple, get an AR drone, hook it up to said dog's leash and then program the drone to move to a specific location. While it might seem simple enough on the outset, it is not quite as easy as it looks.

From the video, it is obvious the route was a pretty straightforward one, just a round circuit near Myers' abode. The dog seemed pretty docile and well-trained, not being too finicky about walking alone and being taken around by an unmanned object.

On a trickier route, one with uneven terrain or with a trickier dog that might be smart enough to yank the leash away from the AR drone, then you could be looking at a potential disaster. But this does give a possibility of having robots not just walk the dog but perhaps feed pets, keep them entertained while away or do that most hated pet owner's duty: clean out the catbox.

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[Source: PSFK]