Why aren't you using Facebook Messenger Lite already?

Who could say no to faster speeds and less data burnt?

Some of the blessings of the less data-consuming features of Google’s Android Go come in the form of Facebook Messenger Lite.

Ever since Facebook made it compulsory to install the auxiliary Messenger app in order to chat on-the-go, we’ve been annoyed by the sheer amount of bloat-ware. From its excessive games, bots and painful megabytes, there’s a lot of unnecessary content we don’t need. While it’s targeted at users of cheap, budget phones that run with shaky connectivity, its availability in our region is cause for celebration. We won’t say no to less data being burnt.

This is by no means latest news, but in case you’re not on board yet, head on to the Play Store to replace Messenger with Messenger Lite (sorry iPhone users, you don’t fall under “budget phones”). Given that Messenger is unavoidable for a complete mobile Facebook experience, you may as well use its streamlined brother. 

It’s dramatically stripped-down, and in Facebook’s own words, is “faster, uses less data and works in all network conditions”, even low connectivity. Instead of the multitude of categories on the main app, like Messages, Active, Groups… Home, Phone and Games, the Lite version is simplified to Home, Contacts and Profile. Clean.

It’s a give and take situation; you’ll lose some good stuff:

  • SMS integration – texting via the Messenger app
  • Voice/video calling
  • GIFs
  • Chat heads – super convenient for multi-tasking

In return, you get rid of so many useless functions:

  • Messenger Day, which no one is using
  • Games
  • Bots
  • Extra data
  • The mess of folders and confusing categories

Some of the good stuff that are retained are stickers and emoji galore, and you’ll just realise how much faster and focused this app is – almost to Telegram-levels of speed and simplicity.

It’s just too bad that iOS users will have to put up with the bloat of the original app. But with 200 million users worldwide already – and more if you get your friends on board – Facebook should be getting the message. Hopefully, iOS will receive the Lite treatment, or Facebook will finally streamline that annoying main app.   

[Source: The Verge]