White Xbox One and budget Blu-ray-less variant coming later this year

Microsoft's next-gen console could go download-only to reduce the price
Xbox One

Microsoft employees who worked at the Interactive Entertainment division got their hands on a special white Xbox One – but they're about to get a little less exclusive.

According to NeoGAF forum poster ntkrnl, Microsoft will launch a white variant of the Xbox One in October alongside Sunset Overdrive, with a limited edition 1TB version of the console coming in November.

The poster also claims that a US$400 version of the Xbox One, minus an optical drive, could drop this year – and has posted an alleged image of a limited edition Titanfall Xbox One console.

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Titanfall Xbox One

While we'd advise taking these rumours with the usual pinch of salt, The Verge has independently verified one of the poster's claims – that a major update to the Xbox One dashboard is coming in March.

So, would you buy a digital-only version of the Xbox One? Or are you still married to physical discs for the time being? Let us know in the comments.

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