Whistle dog tracking collar looks nicer than most wearable tech for humans

While mankind struggles to get the smartwatch right, Fido has it sorted
Whistle dog monitor

That bit of wearable tech looks the dog's b- Stop right there. This is Whistle, and it's not for you. It's a fitness tracker for dogs. It costs US$130 (RM426), and it’s available now.

What does it do? Whistle tracks activity and rest using an accelerometer, in much the same way as a Fitbit or Jawbone fitness band, syncing up to your phone over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can set goals for your pooch and monitor how much exercise and rest they're getting – even when you're not around.

So it’s a Fitbit for Fido. Yes – and you can track everything that you can with a human fitness band. Including what your dog's eating, as well as any medication it's taking, using the Whistle app (available on both iOS and Android). And you can compare your dog with others of the same breed, age and weight to make sure they're measuring up to their peers.

But what will you do with all this information? In many ways it’s more important to track your dog than it is to track yourself. After all, you know that third slice of cake is a bad idea. Rex doesn’t. And he can’t tell you when he’s feeling unwell; with Whistle, you can check if his activity levels have dropped – which could indicate joint trouble or illness – and track his sleep patterns. Vets can also use the app to build up a much more detailed picture of your dog’s movements and habits, which can help with diagnosing illnesses. And Whistle is planning to mine all of the data it’s gathering to help vets – for example, working out when epileptic dogs are having a seizure

That's clever. You’ll be telling me it posts to Facebook next. It, er, does. And other Whistle users can follow your dog for updates.

Who's a clever boy, then? Er, thanks. 

Who's a clever boy? You are! I already… We… 

Yes you are! 

[via OhGizmo]

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