Whiskey snobs can now age their bottles at home

Wish your whiskey had a certain kind of flavour or nuance? DIY taste modification is easier than you think
Whiskey snobs can now age their bottles at home

If you have friends who drink, you know at least one of them is a whiskey snob. Or who will only drink one kind, whether it's Jack Daniels or Glenmorangie. Then you finally have the perfect gift (that won't be poured down the sink when you leave the party) thanks to Kickstarter. The Whiskey Elements add-in helps you age whiskey by up to three years, infusing your drink with flavour in a mere 24 hours.

Cheaper alternative to pricey vintage

Thanks to the magic of science and experimentation, Whiskey Elements is a 100 per cent natural process that is made of what looks like a slim stick of wood with marked grooves. A mere 20 degree change can change the nature of a whiskey's flavour from maple-oak to almond coffee.

Usually whiskey aging can be a painstaking process that can take up to 10 years. By using grooved wood cut horizontally, the aging process is cut down. One trait of whiskey is that it doesn't change flavour when transferred to a glass container, unlike, say wine.

Its signature flavour is a Smooth Maple Vanilla Oak, which sounds totally delicious. Tests have found that using the Whiskey Elements, there is nearly no difference of taste between a 30-day whiskey and a three-year-old drink.

How much does it cost? You can get in on the already full-funded Kickstarter for at least US$12 (RM39). Only catch is that it doesn't ship internationally so you might have to consider a dropshipper if you really want one.

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