WhatsApp update lets you share whatever file type you want

Don’t go crazy sending huge files as there is a file size limit

WhatsApp just made it possible to send whatever file type you wish through the app.

Right out of beta

Users spotted the feature as part of a beta version; apparently the feature works well enough that WhatsApp is now rolling it out in stages to all users of the app.

What does this mean for WhatsApp users? Well, now you can send whatever file you want without worrying whether WhatsApp supports it. Previously only limited file types were allowed for WhatsApp transfers.

One caveat, though. Depending on what platform you’re using WhatsApp, there’s a file size limit. It’s 128MB on iOS, 100MB on Android and 64MB on the Web version of WhatsApp.

While it’s convenient, do be aware that you need to be mindful about what you transfer on the app - be suspicious of files from strangers and you should apply the same level of caution as you would to email attachments.

[Source: XDA Developers]