WhatsApp quietly, slowly rolling out its call feature

The feature seems to be rolled out only to random phones,
WhatsApp quietly, slowly rolling out its call feature

It seems for Android at least, WhatsApp is working on a release with the voice call feature. It's not widespread and the company has not as yet made big announcements but it has been seen in the wild. Reddit user pradnesh07 was able to test the feature out and shared screenshots as well as video.

He did by sideloading the latest WhatsApp build (2.11.508) onto a Nexus 5 phone running Lollipop.

When texts just aren't enough

WhatsApp quietly, slowly rolling out its call feature

Currently the feature seems to be invite-only. If you have it on your WhatsApp, you can then make a call to another friend on WhatsApp to help enable it on the other person's account. Likely Facebook is probably collecting data on its usage, time spent using it as well as other information possibly useful to a worldwide rollout.

The voice call is a planned feature as it was announced at the last Mobile World Congress, despite Facebook saying the company was unlikely to make changes to the app.

We're wondering, though, how long Facebook plans to delay adding the feature when it has become commonplace on other chat apps. Despite the app being one of 2014's most downloaded, though maybe not most profitable apps, the competition is gaining fast.

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[Source: CNet]