WhatsApp lets you share your location in real-time

Know exactly where your friends are so you won't get lost

WhatsApp's location-sharing has been handy but not without its flaws. The app now is tweaking the feature by allowing your location to be showed real-time instead of as just a pin on a map.

Venue changes made easy

Why real-time? Well, sometimes your contact might need to change location. Perhaps the cafe where you're supposed to meet is closed, or there's bad traffic - whatever the case, you won't have to send multiple locations. Instead, just broadcast your current information in real-time.

It's also a nice safety feature, letting people know you're having a safe ride home from a party, for instance. With the end-to-end encryption, you can securely share your whereabouts only with those you choose. You can also choose to stop sharing whenever you want or just let the preset timer expire.

Using it is fairly simple - all you need to do is open a chat the way you'd do for your usual location-sharing, but this time you'll see a new option: Share Live Location. Choose how long the share duration will be, then click Send. Your real-time location on a map will then be broadcast to the people you're chatting with; the feature even supports multiple people in a chat sharing their Live Locations.

Expect the feature to be rolled out to both iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

[Source: WhatsApp]