WhatsApp iOS app gets hefty update

Wallpapers, video-trimming, chat archives, the WhatsApp team has been busy, busy bees.
WhatsApp iOS app gets hefty update

Just in time for the new iPhone and the (likely) announcement of iOS 8, WhatsApp has been updated to add quite a lot of new features. That is, except for voice calling. We know you can do that, Facebook, really.

The gist of the changes means WhatsApp will be a little bit more fun while adding some necessary refinements and tweaks.

WhatsApp iOS app gets hefty update

Photos and videos will now have captions if you want them with a fast camera access button just for capturing and sending photos from the app. If you have an iPhone 5s, rejoice. You can now share slow-motion videos. Everyone else will just have to be content with the new feature that allows trimming video.

For location sharing, there is now a drag-and-drop pin for more precision as well as support for satellite and hybrid map views.

Other important add-ons: the added ability to archive chats and groups and being able to set media auto-download preferences. That will be a great help for people with limited space on their phones.

WhatsApp has even thrown in new wallpapers and notification tones and when reporting problems, WhatsApp now lets you attach screenshots.

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