Whatsapp To Get Two Types Of Dark Mode Soon

Your smartphone is about to get extra dark

Dark mode is the in trend for a lot of mobile settings, including the apps. So far out of all the popular apps out there, Whatsapp has been lacking in that department. But based on a recent development, all that will soon change as it seems that Whatsapp has been looking into unveiling two dark themes.

To be clear, the dark modes are not available yet. According to WABetaInfo.com, Whatsapp had recently submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program and it was there that some have noticed a new dark splash screen. It was not available to everyone, which means Whatsapp is still working out the kinks and bugs that may appear in time.

There are two modes revealed so far; the first dark mode is a grey tone for the background with jet-black tone for menu items, while the second dark mode is just a pitch-black background with light grey for menu items. Each of these different dark modes is meant to complement different screens, and even the battery of their devices. There are also rumours there could even possibly be a third dark mode option which shows that Whatsapp is going all out in giving user's the best experience, thus the delay.

All in all, we will have to be patient for the dark modes on Whatsapp, but if done well this could be a great experience for all.