A WhatsApp desktop client coming soon?

WhatsApp Web is great, just not that great that you wouldn't want a standalone app

If you've been hankering for a native WhatsApp app for your PC or Mac, it looks as though you might get what you want after all. Screenshots from beta versions of WhatsApp by @WABetaInfo shows what looks likes native apps in the works.

According to the account, there are hidden features in WhatsApp that will (eventually) come out, if what can be seen in the WhatsApp beta code is true. The snippets shown reveal code that pertains to the downloading of an App for both Windows and Mac.

While the code looks legit, there is no set timeline for such an app to appear. It could perhaps just be in beta testing mode for the time being and that means we could be waiting weeks or months for the apps to finally be ready for prime time. 

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Not to mention the other trick about how to read messages without that annoying blue tick popping up.

In the meantime, at least we still have WhatsApp Web to tide us over until the WhatsApp program is officially available for our computers, ensuring we'll never run away from it. 

[Source: Ubergizmo]