WhatsApp Dark Mode Has Arrived So Update The App If You Want It

Dark mode activate!

After much testing on the beta version of WhatsApp, dark mode has finally hit the app. So if you've been wanting dark mode on WhatsApp, best to update the app now.

If you already have dark mode on in iOS 13 or Android 10, Whatsapp would already be in dark mode after you update the app. For Android 9 users, you can enable the new dark mode in the WhatsApp settings menu. The WhatsApp dark theme will appear mostly pure black on iOS devices, whereas Android users will get a darkey gray look.

Facebook, who owns WhatsApp, ensured that the dark mode in the app produces less strain on the eyes. According to a WhatsApp spokesperson, "During testing we found that combining pure black and white creates high contrast that can lead to eye fatigue. So instead, you’ll notice a special dark gray background and off-white color that lowers the brightness of the screen, cuts down the glare, and improves contrast and readability."

Based on the short video released by WhatsApp for the dark mode, you can tell that this is a much needed and long awaited upgrade for the app.