WhatsApp adds document sharing to its feature list

PDFs only for now, but perhaps other formats later

Yet one more reason to add WhatsApp to your apps: the service now allows you to share documents and not just the usual photos, videos, contacts and locations.

It’s a pretty handy feature that gives the app more utility in the corporate/working space and saves users from having to send emails. Users will have probably seen the Documents icon pop up when clicking on the big attachment icon in WhatsApp chats.

Apparently the UI of the app was tweaked to fit in the documents option, removing the dedicated video icon and instead lumping both photo and video sharing under the Camera icon instead.

Only PDFs can be shared however, but from a wide range of cloud storage services that include Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive.

Even if you do see unsupported files in your options such as Microsoft Word documents, you still won’t be able to send them though. Perhaps this might change later but as WhatsApp has not made an official announcement on the matter or on the feature itself, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Apparently WhatsApp is doing its best to become the business app to replace Blackberry Messenger and it helps that the app also has end-to-end encryption on its network.

As of present, the new document feature is available for iOS and Android but it hasn’t as yet appeared on Windows Phone.

Ever since WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook a while ago, the app has been steadily adding updates and continuing to grow as the most popular chat app in the world, though not without its outage hiccups. Though some services such as Telegram and WeChat do have their own solid user base, WhatsApp continues to be an essential app for smartphone users.

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