What’s better than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S line-up? Successors to them

Don’t jump for joy yet – they’re not going to be that different from their predecessors

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S line-up was touted to be one of the most dazzling Android tablets to date, and things could get even more exciting if rumours of successors to the range work out to be true.  

According to SamMobile, the South Korean multinational conglomerate is in the midst of creating the second-generation versions of the 8.4in and 10.5in Galaxy Tab S tablets. Word’s out that they currently sport the model numbers SM-T710 and SM-T810.

If these model numbers refer to the successors to the tablets, the slight variation in them (the original Galaxy Tab S’ were coded SM-T700 and SM-T800) could mean that there won’t be such a big upgrade.

Which means, for those of you that were expecting a radical makeover, you might be disappointed. But in saying that, it’s not like the units need an upgrade anyway – they have been reviewed to be one of the best tablets we’ve seen.

The unofficial tablets should most likely keep the AMOLED screens their predecessors boasted (it would be a shame if Samsung doesn’t, since that’s the feature the tabs are best known for) and might have the same exterior.

However, no other details of the units were leaked. But we do expect some sort of software and hardware upgrades to make its way to the devices. For starters, a new chipset, perhaps the Samsung Exynos 7420, would be nice since the Exynos 5420 processor on the current range don’t do justice to power them 2560×1600 displays.

We also hope they come out of the box with an even better camera, and running on Android Lollipop. But for now, we’ll have to wait on more rumours to surface since they’re said to launch towards the middle of this year. 

[Source: SamMobile