What's better than one curved edge? Two of them, on the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S6

This could lead to the creation of Samsung’s first “dual-edged” screen smartphone
It’s all about curves: The Galaxy S6 might come with a flexible screen

If the possibility of the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone with a cigarette lighter and water pistol has rocked your socks off (even though we think this is a hoax), this leak might make you want the smartphone even more.

Sources have it that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 could incorporate a feature it’s been showing off for years into its latest mainstream gizmo – flexible displays. They claim the Korean tech company will outfit it with the display that enables the screen to curve on both sides.

If the predictions from these sources prove to be true, this would be an upgrade from Samsung’s recently unveiled Galaxy Note Edge, which boasts a design that only curves to the right.

The source also indicated that this was the initial concept behind the Galaxy Note Edge, but the plan was tweaked to just showcase it curving on one side. So if these rumours have any truth to them, this might just be Samsung’s first “dual-edged” screen smartphone.

The sixth-generation Galaxy S smartphone is codenamed “Project Zero”, a reference to a new design that's made from scratch. It might also boast other features that include a Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display with either a 16MP or 20MP back camera and a 5MP front snapper.

Not much of its other specifications have been leaked yet, but with a release date only expected after the first quarter of next year, we’re anticipating more rumours to flood our site in the coming months.

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[Source: Business Insider]