What you need to know about buying Samsung’s stunning QLED TVs in Malaysia

Shopping around for a new telly? Consider it quite easily done with Samsung’s QLED offerings

First announced at CES in January, Samsung’s latest line of televisions are finally here for your purchasing pleasure.

We know telly tech can be confusing so let us break it down for you.

*Additional text by Nicholas Yong


The best thing about QLED is that it will give you 100% colour volume. That means even when you turn up the brightness on a particularly dark scene to see what's hiding in the shadows, you won’t get the washed out effect. Colours will stay true and you will get detail along with it. You also get blacker blacks and whiter whites which might not seem like a big deal until you watch a documentary about black panthers at night or a snowman-building competition in a blizzard.

It also means that no matter where you sit around your TV, colours will not appear any different to you, so no more fighting over that solo sweet spot on your couch. 

Cut the cable clutter


Thanks to the sleek shiny One Connect box that comes with every QLED TV, you won’t get tangled cables snaking out from the back of your TV.

The One Connect box contains all the ports that were traditionally found on the back of your TVs so it can contain your cables. It's small and flat enough that you can tuck it away neatly in a cupboard with the rest of your TV accessories. The only cable that connects the TV to the One Connect box is a barely-there transparent cable that you can easily hide to not ruin the minimalist Scandinavian vibes you’ve got going on in your living room.

One remote to rule them all

There’s nothing more annoying than having multiple remote controllers laying around on your otherwise pristine coffee table. The voice-capable One Remote will replace all of them. All you have to do is connect it for your different sources like your TV boxes and game consoles to automatically appear on the screen.

Lazy to reach for the remote? You can also use the Samsung Smart View app on your phone to control your new telly. It’s also available on iOS because it doesn’t discriminate.

Putting it on a pedestal

All TVs will come with the standard stand, but should you want you want to add some flair to your living room, you have these optional accessories to support your pretty picture of a TV.

Choose to mount your flat QLED TV with the No Gap Wall Mount, or have it sit pretty on either the swivel Gravity Stand or the easel-like Studio Stand. We’re all about the fine art effect of the latter, but try not to dawdle because these promotional prices won't last forever.