What would you say to activate Google Glass?

As Google reveals its Glass activation phrase shortlist, we discover that our preferred commands would be... Possibly NSFW

"Pew Pew Pew". That could have been the activation phrase for Google Glass according to Product Manager Amanda Rosenberg, who unfortunately rejected it (among other phrases) for the now standard "OK, Glass" command.

The list of 'hotwords' also include the phrases "Listen up Glass", "Go Go Glass", "Glassicus" and "Glass alive". But we can do better, right?

Say the magic word

Naturally we tried to come up with our own activation phrases which are far better than either "OK, Glass" or the ones that didn't make the cut. We'd be happy for Google to use them all and look forward to our commission each time one is uttered.

Let us know what your Glass activation phrase would be in the comments below. But first, some inspiration.

Sophie Charara - Reviewer Boom Boom Afridi

Will Dunn - News Editor Faceputer HOOOOOOOOOO

Marc McLaren - Production Editor It's playtime, slave

Paddy Smith - Online Editor Go go gadget [command]

Stephen Graves - Deputy Online Editor **** yeah,

Lucy Hedges - Multimedia Editor Yo G!

Simon Osbourne-Walker - Acting Editor Face on (but only so we could use 'Face off' to deactivate)

Chee-Chiu Lee - App Art Editor I spy with my little eye

Luke Edwards - Multimedia Journalist By the power of Greyskull

Esat Dedezade - Staff Writer 'sup holmes

Tom Wiggins - Deputy Editor Glasshole Open

Nigel Yap - Online Editor, Asia Google Glass, make it so.

Tein Hee Seow - Deputy Online Editor, Asia Google Glass, roll out!

[via The Guardian]