What will Surface at the Microsoft announcement?

We're taking bets on either a mini or a maxi Surface Windows 8 tablet
What will surface at the Microsoft announcement?

So, Microsoft’s slated a reveal of an ambiguous Surface product tomorrow at its media launch in New York City. The date is set, but no details whatsoever about the product (besides the fact that it’s a Surface) are out in the open.

As expected, gossip has been circulating on what the release will be, and if it’s a device that consumers have been eagerly waiting for. Questions have been arising if Microsoft is uncovering a Surface Mini, or heading totally in the opposite direction with a Surface Maxi.

Talks of a Surface Mini surfaced recently, thanks to an Amazon listing. Electronics wholesaler, VSTN, put on sale a smart cover case for a Surface Mini on the Amazon site, claiming its availability from 18 May. If the smart cover is due to hit the market then, obviously there should be a product it accompanies.

On the other hand, a Surface Maxi could also be possible. Electronics vendors have been revealing larger units of their popular smartphones/tablets and we think Microsoft might just follow suit.

According to an analyst prediction on CNET, “there are strong indications of an 12in product coming down the [Microsoft] pipeline”. We guess the question is if it’s the Surface pipeline that we’re all talking about.

What if we're wrong?

What’s Microsoft got under wraps?

Or we could be totally off with the Mini/Maxi prediction and Microsoft might launch its Surface Pro 3. Last week, unintended text on Microsoft’s support page hinted at an undated Surface Pro that might debut sometime this week (and you don’t have to be a math whiz to figure out that the timing of the leak could be alluding to the Surface launch tomorrow).

But considering that the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet only launched in Singapore on 14 March – after a four month wait since it was announced, mind you – we can probably expect the same treatment from them with the upcoming Surface.

Guess we’ll just have to twiddle our fingers and play the waiting game.

For those of you who want a minute-by-minute update of the launch, Microsoft will be hosting a live webcast of it, on 20 May at 11pm (Malaysia time).

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