What Malaysians need to know about the Jobstreet data breach

The jobs platform has confirmed the breach, so what happens now?

If you’re a Jobstreet member, you might have gotten an email yesterday confirming that their database had been compromised.

Older accounts breached

Jobstreet confirmed that older accounts set up prior to 2012 were affected, but didn't affirm whether later accounts had also been compromised.

As a safety measure in January this year, the portal did a site-wide password reset, so hackers with the old password would probably not have been able to gain access from that time.

But if your account was affected, your email, phone number and address are likely floating around the dark web in some database being sold - unless of course you're not on the Internet, not a member of Jobstreet, and have no telco accounts or home loan applications. Since that's unlikely, it might pay off to be extra cautious about phone calls or claims from unknown numbers. And it just might be time to refresh your passwords as well.