What the iPhone 6s (and 6s Plus) will probably be like

A quick summary of the most likely to be true rumours about the new iPhones

As can be expected, the rumour mills are going on overdrive about the coming iPhone.

Out of all the news, what's legit and what isn't? It's hard to tell but what is absolutely certain is there will be new phones and they'll likely be called the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. As to the possibility of a smaller 'c' model, it's highly unlikely especially as the iPhone 5C didn't sell all that well in the first place.

Design-refresh? That won't happen until next year as Apple has been very consistent with its two-year design redo cycle. But after the embarassing bending incidents, it's likely Apple will switch to the 7000 series aluminium that is both lighter and stronger, as well as more likely to withstand nosy tech reviewer bend tests.

It also looks pretty certain that there will be a new colour option - rose gold, alongside the gold, silver and grey metallic tones currently available.

What's likely to see an upgrade is the processor as well as camera sensors. Perhaps more RAM, 4K video recording support and a faster processor. Also expect to see the introduction of Force Touch, and taptic feedback similar to the one on the Apple Watch.

Will Siri be updated as well to strengthen its competitiveness with Microsoft's Cortana? Rumour mills say it's unlikely. Instead, Siri might move to the Apple TV.

Apart from that, it looks like the iPhone 6s will be a nice, but not necessarily essential upgrade especially if you're already using an iPhone 6. If you want a total redesign and miles-better specs (but still want an iPhone), you could wait for the iPhone 7.

If you've been postponing getting an iPhone 6, then plump for this model instead for the specs bumps.

[Source: Techcrunch]