What Facebook number are you?

Find your face amongst a billion other Facebook users on one page
The Faces of Facebook

Facebook has now racked a grand total of users in excess of 1.2 billion (and counting), but where are you and your friends in this massive crowd?

Freelance designer Natalia Rojas has created The Faces of Facebook. At first glance it looks like a page of multi-coloured static (and it does at second glance, too), but zoom in and it becomes a chronological record of Facebook's 1.2 billion users. And it's pretty damn cool.

Facebookers in the crowd

It could take you the next ten years to find yourself on the page without a little help. Thankfully, you can log in with Facebook Connect and the site will highlight your position and the positions of all of your friends.

Natalia Rojas stresses that the site is just a bit of fun. It isn't breaking any Facebook rules or infringing upon anyone's privacy as it stores no personal data and simply accesses public profile information available to anyone. 

Predictably, young Mark Zuckerberg's the very first pixel on the page, but who was your first friend to join Facebook? Who was the last? Where in the list do you sit? And is your position inversely proportional to the magnitude of your geek-hood? Let us know in the comments below.