The weird and wonderful from the Wearable Tech Show 2016

Pet fitness trackers, smart shoes and a few bizarre extras

Wearable tech is still a pretty new concept, but that doesn’t mean there’s not enough smartwatches, fitness trackers and other wacky gadgets to fill a trade show.

Big hitters TomTom and MyZone both launched new products today at the Wearable Tech Show over at London’s Excel - but we're guessing you've heard of them already, and if you aren't into golf it's not all that exciting.

It’s the obscure and unusual that kept us roaming the halls; hopefully we’ve managed to dig out a few gizmos that you haven’t heard of yet.

Whether or not you'd actually want to buy them is a whole other story, though.

Sole trader

One of the biggest surprise entries at this year’s show, Arion is a smart insole built for runners.

Designed by Dutch company ATO-gear and still very much under development, each insole has six sensors that measure your gait and the amount of pressure you apply to different parts of your feet when running.

The companion app can feed real-time data back to you, either through a phone or a smartwatch, and the results can be shared with a coach for more in-depth analysis.

The soles look super-thin, so won’t be uncomfortable, and the beta version of the app looks packed with features too.

It looks like a real alternative to buying an entire pair of smart shoes from one of the bigger athletics companies.

There’s no word on a price or release date, but you can sign up for updates on the ATO-gear website.

If you liked it...

When it comes to rings, Beyoncé knows what’s up. Smart rings, though? That’s Oura’s game.

This smart ring first broke cover at CES, but this is the first time it’s arrived in the UK.

It smashed a US$100k (over RM415,000) goal on Kickstarter, raising well over US$650,000 (RM2.7 million) in 30 days, and seeing how it packs in a lot of tech yet still slips on your finger, we aren’t surprised.

Sleep tracking, heart rate, motion and temperature measuring are all squeezed into the ring, but it doesn’t look huge on your finger.

The design is fairly stylish, and black and white colours should suit men and women alike.

The simple charging stand means you don’t have to mess around with captive cables when it’s time to juice up, either.

You can order one now for €299 (RM1,380), with rings expected to arrive in 4-6 weeks.