Weird Al's new album pre-launch kicks off with 'Tacky' parody of Pharrell's 'Happy'

Expect digs at selfies and Instagram food photo fetishes in the first of Weird Al's #8videos8days project before the new album officially drops
Weird Al's new album pre-launch kicks off with 'Tacky' parody of Pharrel's 'Happ

After Beyonce eschewed official publicity routes to sell her new album, parody genius Weird Al Yankovich is also going off the beaten path with his #8days8videos prelaunch event. For 8 days (starting today) he'll premiere brand new fun videos of sungs from his upcoming album Mandatory Fun.

To start the ball rolling, Weird Al's first video is his reworking of Pharrell's "Happy" christened "Tacky", now turned into a dig at the way people embarass themselves and everyone around them online and off. Some mega star power is in on the ride too, with Jack Black, Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet and Kristen Schaal joining in on the Tacky fun. got first dibs on showing the video but it's all over the YouTube right now, though currently missing from Weird Al's official VeVo channel.

Pharrell-blessed pop culture milkshake

Weird Al's new album pre-launch kicks off with 'Tacky' parody of Pharrel's 'Happ

Weird Al also gave a public shout out to Pharrell, saying “Thank you, Pharrell; I really appreciate it–you’re a cool guy." Though parodies are protected under the fair-use policy in the US where you do not need permission to make parodies of a song, Weird Al makes a point to ask for permission from the original artists.

A few artists have notably turned him down in the past including Eminem who refused to officially sanction Weird Al's retake on "Lose Yourself".

Some additional trivia: the Tacky video was shot at the Palace Theatre in Los Angeles, which was used in the film The Big Lebowski.

Weird Al has also stated that he is quite proud of his coming album and considers it his best to date. If you love his stuff, it's guaranteed you'll love Tacky. If somehow you have never heard of the man, search for the following tracks on YouTube (arguably his best): Amish Paradise, I'm Fat, Perform This Way and White and Nerdy.

Can't wait to grab your copy of Mandatory Fun? Head on over to to preorder but in the meantime you can also follow the #8videos8days hashtag for more parody craziness.