Webe promises unlimited calls, text and data for just RM79

Plan is RM199 if you're not a TM subscriber

Webe finally clarified its plans, and officially announced that it will have just one plan that will cost just RM79 a month, with a catch.

The plan is originally priced at RM199 a month for unlimited calls, texts and data but TM subscribers with a compatible phone that supports the 850Mhz spectrum will get rebates - bringing it down to RM79 a month. Besides the all you can eat model, webe also says that it will not have contracts. Extra lines can be added for prices as low as RM49 a month but tethering is extra: you'll have to pay RM6 for every two hours you tether.

On its website, Webe says that it will give discounts to owners of specific models from the following brands: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, One Plus and Sony. We're guessing these will be models that are compatible with the 850MHz spectrum. Webe will still work on non-supporting phones, it's just that the data won't be optimised.

Right now, the service has yet to be rolled out to all customers, with it being invite-only for the moment. Plans are to expand the network to include the 2600MHz LTE band in future, but in the meantime, webe customers can fall back on Celcom network coverage where webe is not available thanks to a network sharing agreement.

How long will it take Webe to finally hit the whole country? Webe says consumers can expect to sign up by Q4 2016.