Webe plans confirmed, tethering is pay-only

Tethering will cost RM6.36 every two hours connected

Webe has been quietly rolling out its plans to selected Unifi, Streamyx and P1 customers. The plans so far are not exactly cheap, but there's no telling whether Webe will revise its pricing by the time the launch becomes official.

The plans require an upfront payment and monthly commitment, though there will be a discount if you are a Unifi, Streamyx or P1 subscriber, or if your phone is LTE 850MHz compatible.

Lowyat did a basic calculation of how much the first payment will look like. Basically, RM106 upfront and RM210.94 for the monthly commitment, which would total RM316.94. If you are a TM or P1 subscriber, you will get RM63.60 off and another RM63.60 if you have a compatible phone. The upfront payment will be rebated monthly so you will get it back (in a way) at least.

So if you aren't an existing TM subscriber or your phone doesn't support 850MHz, you will pay more than RM300 to try Webe out. What will probably annoy Malaysians most is that tethering is not free: you pay RM6.36 every two hours to tether and for that, you need to buy a Personal Wi-Fi Pass from Webe's website.

This initial plan will come with unlimited data and SMS, with calls worth RM500. A fair usage policy will, however, be implemented. There will be no contract term as well, which is one upside. For users who were waiting for an ultra-cheap plan with lots of data, they will likely feel slightly disappointed.

Still no word when these plans will be launched, just expect them by next month.

[Source: Lowyat]