We were right! The HUVr hoverboard video is fake

Remember children, not everything on the Internet is real
We were right. The HUVr hoverboard video is fake!

Yesterday we pushed out a piece listing the reasons why a viral video of an actual working Back to the Future-like hoverboard was probably fake. Now for those of you who are STILL non-believers (or believers, ok we’re getting confused), we really hate to say this but “we told you so”.

Parody and comedy site Funny or Die has admitted that the video was an elaborate prank they concocted with the help of a bunch of celebrities.  We’re so sorry that all your collective dreams were crushed. Believe it or not, we ourselves wanted it to be true.

At least the self-tying kicks from Nike are real and on track for a 2015 launch (we hope).

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Source: Funny or Die