Waze Will Soon Calculate Toll Prices For You

No more guessing how much you need on your Smart TAG.

If you’ve been driving on Malaysian roads for a while now, you’ve definitely encountered the numerous toll booths on highways with acronyms for names. From the DUKE to the LDP and to the NKVE, all these highways have varying toll prices and there hasn’t been a way to accurately calculate them if you’re going on a road trip.

Waze is changing all that with a new update that allows the app to calculate the amount of money you need to pay the tolls after you’ve set your route. Waze has always allowed users to opt to avoid or use toll roads on their journey, but the app itself has never actually shown the cost that might entail on the road.

The way this new feature will work is that users must collectively input the toll amounts for each and every highway toll on the road. This system is similar to how users report roadworks, accidents, and police roadblocks on the Waze app. 


So far, this update is live in the U.S and Canada, hopefully this useful update will reach Malaysia sometime soon.