Waze navigates its way to a deal with Astro Awani

Partnership will see Waze team up with yet another broadcaster for crowdsourced traffic updates

Waze has certainly wiggled its way onto many a Malaysian smartphone and now will be a feature on TV, thanks to a tie-up with Astro Awani.

It is just the third partnership the little navigation app has formed with an international broadcaster, so we might likely see the app on more channels.


Watch TV to avoid traffic?

The deal is that starting next year, Waze traffic updates will be seen via Astro Awani. So if you regularly tune into the channel for news, you will see Waze's cute little icons the way you see them on your phone.

Fun fact: Malaysia has around 1.5 million Waze users in Malaysia who have contributed more than 3,300 out of 110,000 maps on the device.

The little app is doing pretty well, even after its recent acquisition by Google. Just recently it made itself available on the Windows Mobile platform and incorporated fun features like voice-navigation. A growing user base is good for the app as it is, after all, dependant on crowdsourced info for traffic and routes. We'll keep you posted on what other stuff is new on the current favourite GPS app for the masses.

[Source: Lowyat.NET]