Watch robotic drones make sweet music together

For once, we have robots uninterested in invading your privacy or vacuuming your floors. And are officially cooler than you
Watch robotic drones make sweet music together

So what do roboticists do in their spare time? Start a band with robots, apparently, as KMel Robotics have put together a super group of eight drones that play instruments together.

There’s the standard band setup, with keyboards, drums, a guitar (with one string!) and bells. All that’s missing is a self-aware robot on vocals but we’re not sure if the world’s ready for that yet.

Apparently the company’s founding engineers Alex Kushleyev and Daniel Mellinger spent two years programming the robots to gel together. Mellinger though, says that music is ‘really just’ about playing a series of notes at the right time. Music fans, feel free to agree to disagree.

So you get eight robots. Two drum kits. Four keyboards. 20 bells and...a gong. And that one-string guitar? One robot frets it, the other plucks the strings. Currently the ‘band’ has a repertoire of a grand total of three songs.

Experience the coolness as you watch the latest robot jam on YouTube, which the company uploaded last week.

Or if you’re feeling nostalgic, check out the robot band's take on the James Bond theme.

[Source: Venturebeat]