Watch Quest is an ambitious adventure game for the Apple Watch

We're not sure how the game will deal with the watch's poor battery life

An adventure game for the Apple Watch? Well, with all the developers suddenly madly developing for the smartwatch, why be surprised?

Come, let us drain your battery

The game's developer WayForward calls the game a new kind of game experience as it spans both the iPhone and the Watch. While your virtual kingdom will be hosted on the iPhone, the actual playing bits will happen on the Apple Watch. You choose a hero, get the hero nicely kitted out on the iPhone and use the Apple Watch to guide your digital avatar on the usual adventure game tropes - killing monsters, completing quests, solving puzzles, gaining loot.

The game is free-to-play, with you starting out with one training quest and should you want to progress further, then pony up some money for Quest Packs. Expect the game to be out right around the time the Apple Watch officially becomes available.

[Source: Kotaku]