Watch out Galaxy Note 4, the LG G3 Stylus is on its way

It looks like the G3 will have a larger brother to keep it company, and it'll arrive twirling a stylus
Watch out Galaxy Note 4, the LG G3 Stylus is on its way

A horrifically cringe-inducing LG promotional video for the G3 Beat - the smaller 5in version of the G3 - has revealed a third member of the G3 family - the LG G3 Stylus.

Appearing at the end of the video, the G3 Stylus appears to be slightly larger than the 5.5in G3, and its unsurprisingly got a stylus keeping it company.

It's hard to determine the screen size from the short glimpse alone, but we imagine it'll be large enough to pit itself directly against the likes of larger phablets like the upcoming Galaxy Note 4, which will be revealed on 3 September just before IFA kicks off in Berlin.

Its unclear at this stage what extra tricks LG's stylus will bring to the table, but we're hoping for Note 3-like pressure sensitivity and software tweaks to ensure that it'll be more than just a gimmicky way to draw stick figures.

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That's all the info we have for the time being, but we'll be sure to keep you posted with more, as and when we get it.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the G3 Stylus in the video above. We recommend skipping to the end though. Trust us.

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