Watch out, Amazon’s drone army might soon invade your home

Forget trucks and postmen – the e-tailer plans to use UAVs to deliver packages straight to your doorstep
Watch out, Amazon’s drone army might invade your home very soon

It might sound like something out of a cyberpunk movie but, apparently, Amazon is seriously considering using drones to make product deliveries direct to your doorstep.

The recently unveiled Amazon PrimeAir service isn’t available just yet, but Amazon is trialling it and hopes to roll it out in the next 5 years, pending approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. Once it does, customers can expect their purchases to be delivered by one of these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in as little as 30 minutes after their purchase. Now that’s what we call speedy.

Not the first

Now for those of us on the other side of the pond this might not be of any use to us unless Amazon starts sending drones over to sunny Singapore. Well, not really a good idea since people might think we’re being invaded by foreign powers, but it brings up some interesting potentials for some of our local e-tailers here (we’re looking at you Zalora).

Amazon isn’t the first company to think this up. A China-based delivery company called SF Express is already testing out their own drone delivery army. In Australia, a Sydney-based text book rental startup called Zookal will be rolling out it’s own UAV delivery service in March next year. Closer to US soil, Matternet, a California-based start-up plans to set up an international network of drones to ship packages from local storages.

So forget how sci-fi it sounds, UAV deliveries are becoming a reality. And if you think that’s all UAVs are doing, you're dead wrong. Check out why they’re taking off in a big way in this feature of ours. Let's just hope that these drones don't turn sentient and decide to drop stuff other than parcels.

Source: CNET

Image credit: SF Express drone delivery from Weibo