Watch This Now: Watch Dogs iPhone parody

Hilarious sendup asks: what if the protagonist had an iPhone?
Watch This Now: Watch Dogs iPhone parody

Watch Dogs is the 'it' game of the moment. Ubisoft's open world AAA offering is a heady mix of the familiar - think GTA with some Assassin's Creed and maybe a dash of Saint's Row. Or the non-Asian version of Sleeping Dogs.

While the trailers are plenty cool, what's cooler? A parody of the game which imagines a world where Watch Dogs' main protagonist happens to own an iPhone. Throw in scenes at the Apple Store and you have pure comedy gold.

Will this hack?

Fortunately no one gets killed, nor is there gratituous nudity or violence in this one but we wouldn't suggest you watch it at work, thanks to the copious amount of swearing and verbal threats of bodily harm.

The actors do a real good job acting out the roles of Watch Dog protagonist Aiden Pearce and the hapless Apple Store employees who have no idea what they've gotten into. It was high-time started entertaining us with new videos after a recent lull and we're hoping the next ones are just as funny as this one.

If you itch to play the real thing, have a read of our first play of Watch Dogs. We definitely didn't spot any iPhones! Or read our (decidedly mixed) review of the game.