Watch this now: Microsoft OneNote team's hilarious Les Misérables parody

OneNote celebrates finally coming to the Mac in hysterical fashion
Watch this now: Microsoft OneNote team thrill us with hilarious Les Misérables p

Microsoft usually reminds most people of that painfully awkward uncle we all have who tries too hard to be hip, and fails embarassingly. But this time, Microsoft staffers have come up with a novel way to celebrate the recent launch of the Microsoft OneNote apps and their Mac versions.

Prepare for some really fun (and suprisingly good) singing, and the video even manages to squeeze some important talking points in, such as the fact that Microsoft OneNote apps are now free and cross-platform.

OneNote to rule them all

If you haven't heard of OneNote, it is a rather nifty piece of software that is a nice alternative to Evernote.

OneNote lets you sync your notes from your mobile devices (iOS and Android), with Microsoft providing 7GB of free online storage space. It also has a desktop version which is free for PC and Mac.

At the very least, this video will have you checking it out to see if it becomes your go-to app for just 'one note more'.