Watch this now: A Lego Ghostbusters movie

The next best thing to owning a Lego Ghostbusters set
Watch this now: A Lego Ghostbusters movie

If you love Lego and haven't heard of prolific Lego setmaker MonsieurCaron, where have you been? His website is a treasure trove of stop-motion Lego shorts with the latest being a lovely recreation of the Ghostbusters film set. There's Venkman and cohort, the old fire station slash Ghostbusters HQ and of course, the legendary Ecto-1 Ghostmobile.

The attention to detail is very much apparent, given the limitations you would encounter with Legos. We're not entirely sure how a Homer Simpson mini-fig would fit into the Ghostbusters universe but the creators make it work.

We're afraid of no Lego Ghosts

The video itself is rather camp, with some fun effects used to bring out the 'ghosts' without the expense of heavy CGI graphics. Stop motion itself is a very clever filmmaking technique that requires a lot of ingenuity...and patience.

Voice acting is kept to a minimum in the video - probably a good thing as it was probably hard to find a good Bill Murray sound-alike.

There's even a fun video that details the work that went on behind the scenes. Greenscreen was used to pretty good effect, with the background music proving the icing on the cake for this fun little vid.

If you need even more reason to chill with YouTube, then enjoy other stop motion videos here along with quite a few 'making of' featurettes. Who knows, maybe you might be inspired into trying out stop motion on your own.

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[Source: Mashable]