Watch this now: Get a glimpse of your predictably crappy future in this brilliant Automata trailer

We humans are horrible, horrible creatures. What else would you expect?
Watch this now: Get a glimpse of the future of the future in this brilliant Auto

Yes, it might be another cliche man versus machine movie, but judging from this well-made trailer, mark our words, you'll want to see it.

It opens with a slideshow of images depicting the destruction on Earth, as humans are wont to do these days, before it propels the viewer into the future - the year 2044 to be exact. As you can imagine, owning a robot is as commonplace as having a smartphone in your hands, and the shiny, neon-lit future belies an underbelly of grimy humanity and the rising tensions between man and the machines he made and manipulated for his benefit.

Robot rage

Watch this now: Get a glimpse of your predictably crappy future in this brillian

So what do robots do then? Rise up, of course, by taking a human hostage. In this case, Antonio Banderas. Mentioned in the trailer are also a couple of protocols of mecha life, including a rather interesting one that states that "A robot cannot alter itself or other". But when there are rules, you can expect them to be broken, and we can't wait to see how.  

Despite the quiet of this trailer, you can pretty much expect an epic explosion-filled, machine gun-rattling battle to go down towards the end because the loaded question of humanity is highly unlikely to eloquently unfold on a debate stage.

Will robotkind replace men? Who’s the real bad guy here? And just who is that robot with the creepy face? So many questions, but still so much time before the film opens in cinemas on 10 October. Watch the trailer below.

Source: The Verge