Watch man test HTC One M9 by setting it on fire

What next? Throwing your phone into a pit of hungry lions?

Droptests are basically the human equivalent of cats pushing things off the edge. One dude decides to take it a step further by setting a blowtorch to the HTC One M9.

At least it's not a blender

To YouTube user digiato's credit, at least the testing was done with proper safety gear. Like all the other (mostly pointless) drop test videos, you're forced to watch as the phone is subjected to an estimated 700 centigrade burn from a blowtorch.

The phone of course does not survive the test, but to its credit manages to hang in there quite a while before it becomes a useless piece of plastic.

With all the waterproofing done on higher-end phones these days is fireproofing a soon-to-be requirement? With the heating up of global temperatures, let's not discount the possibility.

[Source: Digitaltrends]