Watch Dyson smash its vacuum cleaners with a hammer

Behind-the-scenes video of Dyson's testing facility shows how it punishes its kit with hammers and 14kg weights
Dyson DC41

Dyson's vacuum cleaners may be pricey, but you get what you pay for – at least, according to Dyson.

In the case of their DC41 upright, you're getting polycarbonate that's as tough as riot shields, according to this promo video released by the company.

Hammer time

Dyson DC41

As well as smacking the DC41 with hammers, Dyson also batters it to breaking point with an array of mechanical tools designed to simulate regular use, and sets about it with a 14kg weight – showing off how it fares against its competitors.

Of course, since it's a Dyson promotional video, the DC41 gets a glowing review – but whether or not you're prepared to shell out for one of its vacuum cleaners, you can't deny that the Dyson testing setup is impressive.