Waste even more time on Pinterest with its new search features

New mobile feature allows you to see related search terms for even more pin discovery
Waste even more time on Pinterest with new search features

Pinterest has become that site where you just keep adding links to stuff you like, but with the added ability to creepily stare at what other people bookmark, we mean, pin. Now you can ogle Pins with even more skill with the new Guided Search.

What is this Guided Search thing? Basically it’s just filters so instead of just searching for burgers, you will see other categories that are related like ‘meat lover’ or ‘quick recipe’.

You can even use the search from your mobile Pinterest app (shh, we know you have it) which looks rather snazzy as the filters appear as visual tiles.

Just keep pinning

The point behind this whole exercise? Well, Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann says that the company hopes users will be able to find more relevant content as well as discover content they might not have otherwise.

Who knew that with filters searching for raincoats, you would now also see other rainwear like galoshes and funky umbrellas? But that is the beauty of pinning in the first place.

According to Silbermann, Pinterest users have created 750 million boards and have busily pinned more than 30 billion items. These numbers have grown over 50 per cent in the last six months alone, which is pretty mindblowing come to think of it.

Only recently Pinterest unveiled custom categories, adding pins for new categories though users still can’t create their own. Pinterest is still playing curator for users and the new categories will eventually be rolled out to users.

Before you get to pinning, Guided Search is currently only a mobile feature and will eventually be rolled out to Pinterest’s web site. But there is no ETA on that so you will just have to keep pinning on your phone, while pretending you are sending very important text messages to very important people.

[Source: Mashable]