Want a white Xbox One? Then you'd better work for Microsoft

Microsoft employees will be wrapping their hands around a sexy white limited edition Xbox One come launch day
Xbox One

A white limited edition version of the Xbox One which will be available only to Microsoft employees has popped up on Reddit – and it's made us consider applying for a job at Microsoft.

The stunning white console and controller with black highlights would fit right in with a Stormtrooper's entertainment centre, though the Kinect remains unchanged – probably to keep it as inconspicuous as possible beneath the TV.

In addition to the sexy new paint job, each white Xbox One console has "I Made This" emblazoned on the front and will come pre-loaded with all first-party titles as well as one year of Xbox Live.

While the special edition white Xbox One still hasn't been officially announced, Microsoft's Major Nelson has appeared on the Reddit thread stating that the console looks "very nice indeed" as well as turning down Reddit users asking if they can have it. Well, at least we know not to ask now. Sigh.

Rival next-gen console the Sony PS4 will only be available in black at launch, though you'll be able to pick up controllers in Magma Red and Wave Blue finishes.

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