Want more security in your next iPhone?

Apple's filed for a patent that adjusts security settings based on your location
Apple’s applied for a patent that makes the iPhone secure

Apple wants to up the ante when it comes to smartphone security, and it’s not backing down in its ideas. As if its fingerprint sensor you see on the iPhone 5S isn’t smart enough, Apple’s working on another that raises the security bar.

Apple has filed a patent application that suggests the iPhone maker is currently only skimming the surface with its Touch ID. This patent delves into a system that enables Apple to install in its iPhones technology that adjusts security settings relative to your location.  

Basically, it sort of tightens the reins with more security checks when your i-device is in a crowd of unknown devices but also tones it down to eliminate the password setting when you’re in a more secure environment such as your home. 

From what we can deduce from the patent, it looks like there’s the possibility for retina scanning, heightened Touch ID swipes, or some other forms of biometric tests as modes to heighten the security settings.    

Using tech gets easier

Want more security in your next iPhone?

It also insinuates that the mode will be one that is quick, easy but yet secure.

“Longer and more complex passcodes are more difficult for a user to enter. Frequent or unnecessary requests to the user for authentication can be burdensome and harm the user experience,” Apple states in the patent.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how Apple intends to differentiate a low-risk, secure area from one that’s not – GPS data. That, combined with other sources of information, such as picking up on Wi-Fi networks, your iPhone will “know” where you are.

But of course, there’s the possibility that Apple won’t use the technology if it doesn’t see it fit to its future iPhones. So we suggest you don’t start saving your dollars until Apple actually unveils the smartphone. 

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[Source and images: Business Insider