Want a glasses-free 3D display smartphone? The next iPhone might have it

Yes, the buzz of the iPhone 7/iPhone 6S has started
Want a glasses-free 3D display smartphone? The next iPhone might have it

It’s literally only been weeks since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus made a debut, and before some of you even get your hands on one (because you’re still waiting on one from your local telco provider), rumours are already circulating of its successor.

Ladies and gentlemen, the first rumours of the iPhone 7 (or iPhone 6S if we follow through Apple’s history) is here and if you believe what sources are saying, the device will have a glasses-free 3D display.

According to the Economic Daily News (via MacRumors), Apple’s busy developing a “naked eye 3D screen” along with a new “3D hardware and software ecosystem” that will sit on the next Apple made smartphone. If there’s any truth to this claim, this would mark a milestone in Apple’s history as its first device to boast 3D in any of its consumer devices.

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But before you dismiss this idea, there might be a stroke of truth to this claim – here’s why. It’s been pointed out that Apple has looked into (or is still looking into) 3D in the past since it’s applied for a glasses-free, stereoscopic 3D display patent more than six years ago.

That’s not the only 3D-oriented patent it’s applied for. The other is a 3D “hyper reality” display that adjusts the perspective of the iPhone’s home screen with your head movements. It also bought over a 3D technology company, PrimeSense, which was behind the 3D motion-sensing technology of Microsoft’s Kinect, last November.  

If there isn’t another vendor that outs a smartphone with glasses-free 3D display before the next iPhone rocks up, this could be the device to rival Amazon’s Fire phone. We can’t wait to learn more about it in the coming months.

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