Want an entry-level smartwatch? Hannspree’s new Sports Watch is just RM160

It seems like an ideal first device for anyone still testing the waters on wearable tech

Not yet sold on the need for wearable tech, and more importantly, not ready to invest in a pricey smartwatch? You’re likely the target market for Hannspree, which has just entered the wearables market with a dirt-cheap smartwatch.

The Hannspree Sports Watch does many of the same things as pricier connected watches: it’ll retrieve notifications and call alerts from your Android phone or iPhone via Bluetooth, as well as track steps and estimated calories burned, and even monitor your sleep.

But Hannspree’s watch does all of that for a mere £29.99 (~RM160). Granted, this doesn’t look like a high-end device. The rubberized band is designed more for utility than fashion, while the low-resolution screen (a 0.68in OLED) isn’t capable of showing much more than text and very simple-looking icons.

Still, that price ought to be tremendously appealing for anyone who just wants a basic, functional way to see notifications or track everyday fitness activity. It’s built to last, too, promising 8-10 days of battery life on a full charge, and it can store up to 20 days worth of data in case you don’t keep it steadily paired with your smartphone.

The Hanspree Sports Watch is available today in black or blue options, and the core watch module can be removed from the wristband and placed into a necklace band, which is also included. The iOS app is available in the App Store, while the Android app must be downloaded directly from Hannspree and sideloaded.